Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Relationships. The rumblings of my mind on the underlying nature of modern society and relationships.

Relationships. Such fragile things. One day, everything is great. The next, you may as well have never existed. It makes me ask myself. Are they really meant to be this way? I mean, let's just think about it. Shouldn't a relationship be literally the most fundamental part of life? So why is it so difficult to hold onto them or be 'good' at them? I personally I'm of the opinion that it is 'us' who make it so darn hard. When we were babies, we innately knew how to relate to one another in a very open, trusting and experiential way. So what happens later on in life?
We forget. We forget the inner knowing and seek from outside ourselves to find answers to how we should behave. How do I talk to girls? (Or boys) How should I behave around older people? How should I speak to my peers in order for them to like me? We seek out guidelines for relationships with our parents to our relationships with strangers. We simply decide that how we have always being doing things is not the way to go. There must be a formula, a way to do it 'right'. Because why else I'm I having such a hard time? I must try and adopt to how society is, we say to ourselves. But does one not have, innately, all that one needs to relate to another being?
Take this for instance. You are an astronaut flying through space on your craft. You find an inhabited planet and decide to land and observe their ways. The beings on this planet seem to live in perfect harmony with each other. There is no judgment. No expectations to be a certain way. Simply acceptance. There are no laws to help these beings work for they know what is good for the entire group and for themselves individually. You are amazed by this and wish to communicate with them. You approach one of them and wave your hand for you don't know whether they will understand words or not. He (Or she) smiles, looks at your right in your eyes, and you begin to feel the very essence of the being. Its past. Its future. Its personality. She's female, you think to yourself. You feel that she sees your soul as well. You wish you could hide some of it but it's all out there. But you don't mind because she understands your situation back on your rather dis-harmonic home planet. She wishes you only the best. And you, you realize, feel nothing but love for this being. You realize just how easy it is to just be yourself. It's that darn simple.
Now imagine how a being from somewhere else would feel if they visited earth? Would it not be weird to come to such a beautiful planet and find that its inhabitants don't know how to be, for lack of a simpler term, aware of each other as a fellow being? Would it not seem obvious that one should indeed love thy neighbor as one loves themselves? Well, it should. But why isn't this the case?
The problem is that we, as a race, do not even know who we are to begin with. We do not love ourselves to begin with. Therefore, if common sense serves me right, you cannot love another as well. Loving another more than yourself, would not be love. It would, at best, be infatuation. Or idolatry. And yet we do not know this. We don't even know that we do not know. We think that all is right with the world. That this is it. It's just how things are.
 I for one have never been happier than when I finally understood the old saying that  (Imagine Kung Fu panda saying this in his dramatic wise monk voice) "only when you know that you do not know, shall you have begun your path to enlightenment ". That's not the exact saying so don't quote me on it. :) But society will tell you that accepting such a thing isn't a good thing. That not knowing something is something to be ashamed of. That you should glory in what you already know and hold firmly to it. This is one reason why humanity's old scientists will have a hard time with technology that works on the metaphysical levels of reality. Always denying what is, actually, right in front of their eyes. But, I digress.
Digressing is my of expounding on ideas. So how does one know that one doesn't actually know? It is like when we sleep. For most of us, we remember just a bit if none of our dreams. And yet, we still dream. All of us. For hours. You could be flying, reliving a memory or doing crazy things like turning into a werewolf and ripping off vampires' heads because you've been reading the Twilight series for the past month. What if you could wake up the 'awake' part of you while you are dreaming? It's possible. We all do this once in a while and get some control over the dream or maintain full memory of whatever you were doing when you wake up. Well, the truth of the reality outside our dreams is quite the same. We live our lives with our 'awake' part shut off. We just switch on the 'survival mode' and we leave our ego to do the living. We do crazy things because we are, in a way, not awake enough to be in control. We let the world dictate our action just like in our dreams. You see a lion you run. You feel hurt you become miserable and hurt someone else out of anger. If we were awake all the time, we would see this events in ourselves. We would stop before we let an insult ruin our day. We would stop to stare at the clouds, share deep moments with loved ones,etcetc
But we choose to stay asleep. We let our egos run the show. And our egos are simply defined by what modern human society imprints on it. The ego loves instant gratification. The ego loves itself and nothing else. It's me and my things. End of discussion.
And what does society say?
Consume. Obey. Conform. Be someone else. Be anyone else but who you really are inside. Work. Eat. Sleep. Study. Marry. Die. I could go on and on. It is all around us. Unless of course you live in the lush forests of New Zealand with no contact with the outside world.
I may have lost you in the rumbles of my mind but If you have made it this far. I shall conclude with the solution I came to.
To break away from a dream, you have to become aware that you are dreaming in the first place. You have to be completely honest with yourself. 100% honest people! You have to get silent. You have to ask the right questions. Where I'm I? Why I'm I here? Who I'm I? Because, the fact is, you are not a what you do for a living or what religion you follow or what beliefs you have of the world. This is hard in a world hardwired to hide the truth. Even to ourselves. But who are you lying to, even when lying to someone else, if not to yourself? And for what reason would you lie to yourself for? Nothing good can come out of it. The eagle that was raised by chickens lied to itself that it was a chickenm bound to the lands forever scratching for food. Even though the eagle could see that he looked different, felt different, felt strong and majestic deep down. And when it finally gave up on the show , it spread its wings knowing it would fly, and took off without a second wasted. And the chickens continue with their scratching. Some now afraid of the one they thought was one of them. Similarly, when you do fly, those humans still asleep may stay asleep or may begin to become afraid of you. This can manifest as claiming you to be crazy, or a god. Not knowing that they too are eagles.
You cannot lie to your own soul. Your Godly Divine amazing soul. You can only accept yourself and love who you are. Your likes. Your dislikes. Your desires. Your failures. Love it all to death! Love you! And you shall find that loving the other is just as easy as loving yourself. For they are you (but in a different body, wearing different clothes, speaking different languages, with different pasts and different futures) But still you!
Unconditional love shall wake all of us up. Unconditional acceptance shall remind us all. Unconditional forgiveness shall heal all wounds. And once it does, wow. How beautiful life shall be. For all. For each one.